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Orchestri has held the ESG philosophy of paramount importance throughout its existence. As a founder, it is, therefore, natural to set examples.


Five years ago, I left the car behind. From then on, I take public transport as much as possible. In addition, I walk a lot to stay fit, including the last mile to my customers.


Everyone feels the labour shortage. That is why we have been delivering projects within companies for years aimed at integrating all employees within the operational system.


Governance (the internal order of your organisation) has compliance (agreement with external regulations) as the other side of the coin. To balance both for your business, you need a strategy.


A strategy that is 'Environmental – Social – Governance' driven.


  • Environmental concerns the interests of all of us. So also about your company. Shocks in climate, energy supply, (bio) diversity, etc., affect the core of your business operations.


  • Social is about our values. And that, in turn, is about evaluating what is good and what is less good, about working together or not, entering into a relationship, etc. Since we are human beings, we cooperate, but we can ignore cooperation with all its consequences.


  • Governance is about what we can do and may do within the rules of compliance - and must do from our real context - to achieve our goals. So, we will never be able to do this if we don't include social and environmental in our story.


As Deming said: "A bad system will beat a good person every time". But the reverse is also true:


"A good system will beat a bad person most of the time".


Betting on one element of ESG is not a good choice. However, seeing ESG as a strategic story for your organisation is the correct choice.


We make knowledge available free of charge through our wiki and f2f interaction. Learning strategic skills is something else. We support you in developing the rights skills with The Experiential Growth Method®.

Guido Van Nuffelen
Founder and CEO
Bart Moens
HR Innovation Lead

Guido Van Nuffelen. I have a track record of more than thirty years in strategy and organizational development, my passion lies in the match between you, the people in your organisation and your customers and stakeholders. Expected long term (=strategic) results emerge from the cooperation of the entire organization.

Bart Moens. I am a labor market expert. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience regarding the labor market issues facing companies. My passion is investing in talents and tinkering about work as an important key in tackling them.


Bart is a 'Baaningenieur' certified by TNO.


Added value arises from cooperation

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