Added value arises from cooperation

Guido Van Nuffelen
Founder and CEO
Bart Moens
HR Innovation Lead

With a track record of more than thirty years in strategy and organizational development, my passion lies in the match between you, the people in your organisation and your customers and stakeholders. Expected long term (=strategic) results emerge from the cooperation of the entire organization.

Bart Moens is a labor market expert. He has gained a lot of knowledge and experience regarding the labor market issues facing companies. He sees investing in talents and tinkering with work as an important key in tackling them. Bart is a 'Baaningenieur' certified by TNO.

We are a team of generalists.


In the end, a generalist is just as much a specialist. His / her specialization lies in a broad view and his added value is at least as big as that of a highly educated specialist.


It is precisely through the helicopter view that generalists can recognize connections between different specializations and gives a generalist guidance and insight to solve complex matters.