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Your sustainability strategy program

“If we do it differently, will it bring a better and sustainable result?”


  • The leadership side of sustainable strategy is

    • Vision

    • Strategy

      • the chosen direction

      • the first / next step

“It is a myth that managers have all the answers. Managers have the processes, the discipline and the excitements to engage with others. It is about creating the conditions that enable others to be at their best.”


  • The managerial side of sustainable strategy is

    • (Operational) Tactics

    • Mission

Your sustainability execution support

​"Are our processes up-to-date and robust for a sustainable future?"

  • Tactics / Mission actions are about

    • Criteria for execution

    • Processes

    • Revenue

      • Sales

      • Resources

      • Expenses

    • Return on Investment

      • Asset utilisation

      • Return on equity

  • As an organisatioal leader

    • you are the orchestrator of the totality

    • you inspire & motivate individuals and teams

    • you empower your organisation to execute on the vision

Your learning organisation

​Guidance and workshops about:

  • Processes

  • Systems
  • Complexity
  • Scenarios
  • Direction taking
  • Sense-making
  • ...




  • Organising is the strategy of resources to create your future resources

  • Decision making is predicting the outcome of your future actions

  • Strategy is making those decisions that enable your future decisions


Guido Van Nuffelen | Orchestri

The Experiential Growth Method® is a comprehensive approach designed to foster strategic personal & organisational development. These are key aspects of the method:


Self-Reflection and Exploration


EGM® encourages you to engage in deep self-reflection, exploring your values, aspirations, and life experiences. By understanding oneself better in a constructive way, one can identify areas for growth and transformation.

Organisational Learning


Rather than relying solely on personal knowledge, the Experiential Growth Method® emphasizes experiential learning. It encourages you to actively engage with the world (organisation, market, ... ) , learn from your experiences, and apply those lessons to your personal and strategic organisational development.

Practical Tools and Techniques


The method provides practical tools and techniques. These include situational awareness, direction-setting strategies, innovation and problem-solving approaches, starting from everyday-, systems- and complexity thinking and doing.

Collaboration and Community


Your growth is enhanced through collaboration with others in and outside your organisation. The method encourages building supportive communities, sharing insights, and learning from diverse perspectives.

Sustainability Lens


The method views growth within the context of sustainability—both for oneself and the 3P, people, planet, profit. It invites you and your organisation to consider how  actions impact the environment, society, and future generations.


The Experiential Growth Method® is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It adapts to your unique journey, allowing for flexibility and creativity.


Whether you’re seeking personal fulfillment, professional & business growth, this method offers a framework for strategic, intentional and meaningful development.

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