Business Wise Thinking


In a 1,5 minutes video, Cesar Breay, Bain & Company, explaines 'Why Orchestration is Key'.

In a 5 minutes video, Ralph Stacey, professor of management - University of Herfordshire, explaines the IMPACT OF COMPLEXITY (vuca) on your businesses and organisations.

If you can spare 8 minutes, you will find in this video a nice overview of what strategy can mean for your business or organisation.

In this 12 minutes film about "a big idea", you learn HOW your mental models about economy 4.0, big data, blockchain, operational excellence, customer intimacy, product & service innovation, ... , SHAPE the identity, action and outcome of your business or organisation.

In this 4 minutes video people from "Shell Scenarios"© , explain HOW we can TRANSFORM our experience of complexity and the mental models we live by, into scenarios to drive the future of your business or organisation.

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