Strategy Implementation

As simple as possible, (but not simpler).


A logical fallacy


  • our interests x interest of our stakeholders (clients, shareholders, …)
  • our values x values of our stakeholders (clients, employees, …)
  • our goals x goals of our stakehoulders (clients, suppliers, society, …)

and expecting it drives your business or organisation is a logical fallacy, because the resulting business area's strategy, entrepreneurship, opertional management, don't connect DIRECTLY with eachother.

Even more, so called strategic marketing, sales, etc. is not strategic at all and only operational, because it only matches the proper goals with the customer goals. To realise results they need resources from the other fields: processes, employees, performance, ...










Sustainable results by:

A SYSTEMIC CONNECTION  existing between strategy, entrepreneurship and operations and creating succesful results. It comprises the total of your business or organisation.
This is the true meaning of the EXPERIENTIAL GROWTH METHOD®.

1 | Strategic long-term orientation

  • Strategy building & execution

    • Characteristics:
      • focus on the continuation of the organisation,
      • aimed at all stakeholders,
      • the best possible service to customers confers legitimacy to the organisation.

2 | Leadership

  • Human Capital

  • Developing organisation

    • Characteristics:
      • collaboration in diversity,
      • creating opportunities for growth,
      • lifelong learning,
      • knowledge sharing, dialogue

3 | Open and action oriented organisation

  • Performance management

  • Entrepreneurship & value creation

  • Organisation structures & culture

    • Characteristics:
      • mastering trust and ingetrity
      • decisiveness towards non achievers
      • asking for results,
      • involving employees,
      • getting the positive out of errors,
      • reporting to everyone in the organisation.

4 | Quality

  • Process management

  • Compliance management (HRM, Quality mang., …)

    • Characteristics:
      • process simplification
      • meet own and stakeholders values

5 | Continuous improvement & innovation

  • Daily (project) work

    • Characteristics:
      • administrative simplification,
      • state-of-the-art enablers
      • innovation of core competencies,
      • business modeling
      • value chain


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